WTS Starter Toon

Im Selling This character
SP is 4945584


Positive Wallet
NPC Corp - may be delayed in eveskillboard
No kill rights
1 jump clone
Located in Jita4-4

5 Implants = +3 Attributes

Starting Bid: 4.5 Bill
B/O: 5 Bill

CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Weapon Upgrades IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Shield Operation IV
Tactical Shield Operation IV
Drones V
Light Drones V
Heavy Drone IV
Drone Avionics IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Sharpshooting IV
Gunnery V
Small Energy Turrent V
Cybernetics III



3.8 bil


4.5 Bill

4.6 bil

4.7 bil

ill be retracting my bid.

ill be accepting your bid if no other bid will be made in 12Hrs

Im around to pay for it when u are

Ill be taking on your offer.

Please send the isk and account info.

Isk and username sent

Please confirm when recieved

Isk and account confirmed.

Already sent a ticket for transfer.

Pleasure doing buisness

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