WTS Station Trader 4.2mil sp

(Neuts in System) #1


Accounting V
Broker Relations V
Margin Trading V
Retail V
Wholesale V
Tycoon Level 3
Trade level 4
Marketing level 4

188,395 Free SP

Post Offers will check when I wake up

(Neuts in System) #2


(Donald Aihaken) #3

3 bil

(Donald Aihaken) #4

wich is buyout price? i would like to start the transfer asap

(TheDancer Girl) #5

3,5 bil

(Lucinda Trade) #6

3.75bil buy out

(Neuts in System) #7

accepted send isk and name!

(Lucinda Trade) #8

isk and account name sent

(Neuts in System) #9

I’ll start transfer asap

(Neuts in System) #10

Transfer started!

(Donald Aihaken) #11

5bil damn too late

(Donald Aihaken) #12

I asked for buyout price:(

(Neuts in System) #13

:Triggered: Honestly didn’t expect to get near even that close to 4bil ^^

(Donald Aihaken) #14

Now i will pay 7b to inject one with the same sp :frowning:

(system) #15

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