WTS Station Trader, decent Freighter / JF


(Arapopoulos) #1


*Great station trader
*Can fly a JF and Freighter, but needs more work in this field (Provi/Ark)
*Hundreds of orders at once
*Big time marketeer.
*5.32 Ammatar Fleet Standings
*Transport Ships

Starting: 8B
B/O: 17B

No kill rights, positive wallet. Never scammed anyone. One JC, One clone with a set of +3s. Located in Jita 4-4
I pay the transfer fee, you get space rich with this excellent trader.

Quick sale. But I still have a few things to move off him. Probably concluding this sometime this weekend, as, there did seem to be some demand for Arapop.

edit-in NPC corp, but i JUST quit my corp before i posted this. It may not reflect on eveboard

Thanks for looking.

Station Trader, decent Freighter / JF
(TxivYawg1) #2

8 bil

(Tian Amilupar) #3

We stopped at 10 bill right

(Arapopoulos) #4

Yes I believe so.

edit - more like 9.25. Ballpark 10ish

(Tian Amilupar) #5

Never the less i offer 10 bills

(Arapopoulos) #6


(Arapopoulos) #7


Closing this weekend. Get your bids in!

(Arapopoulos) #8

@Tian Amilupar winner winner. Please send the 10b and account info and I’ll get the transfer started tonight!

(Tian Amilupar) #9

I’m currently away from my Pc will send isk as soon as i am at my PC

(Tian Amilupar) #10

Isk and account info sent

(General Psybok) #11

@Tian_Amilupar wont let me post on Arapop

Character transfer initiated. Enjoy your new guy. Thanks bud.

(Tian Amilupar) #12

Charakter recieved thank u

(system) #13

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