Station Trader, decent Freighter / JF


(Arapopoulos) #1

  • Great station trader
  • Can fly a JF and Freighter, but needs more work in this field
  • Hundreds of orders at once
  • Big time marketeer.
  • 5.32 Ammatar Fleet Standings

Just wanting a ballpark figure that people think hes worth, his sale will probably come soon.

(Tian Amilupar) #2

I would give you 7.5 bills right away if you would like to get in touch right away

(Perpetualed) #3

8 billion

(Tian Amilupar) #4

8.5 bill

(Josh Shihari) #5

Will offer 8.75B

(Tian Amilupar) #6

I would like to increase my offer to 9 Billion ISK

(Josh Shihari) #7


(Arapopoulos) #8

Thanks for the input. Ill be creating a for sale post soon. If anyone else has anymore input, lemme know! Thanks again ya’ll

(Josh Shihari) #9

Let me know when you want to sell

(Tian Amilupar) #10

Would be still interessted if you want to sell it

(Arapopoulos) #11


Sale is on. Thank you

(system) #12

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