Wts strong 177 m sp toon

o7 ! I am here to repesent my toon for your review.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/FraxFrax all skills can be found on this page

Char was created in 2006 and since then was grown up into strong pilot with accurately developed skills.

As rules appiled, toon was moved to npc corp, there are 5 jump clones available, no kill rights, wallet is in poisitve. Currently toon is in high sec.

Please give me your offer, if I find it fair enough, I am happy to sell my toon.

140 bil

omg it is really good bid ill take it!

I will send isk and account name after DT (in about 45 minutes), if thats ok with you?

yes of cause i am here

ISK and account name sent via evemail

Almost 24h after iskies were sent, still no reply from the Seller… I really hope that this sale is not scam related cause I like the character skills … I will give few more hours after DT for Seller response. If nothing happens, ticket will be submitted to CCP for Character bazaar scam case.

Created ticket for Character bazaar scam