WTS Structure Component BPO set max research 10/20

WTS complete set of structure component BPOs 10/20 max researched. Really looking to sell the set as a whole but may consider individuals. Willing to negotiate.

Price per BPO- 1.4b
Price for set of 15 = 18b (1.2b per)

(Edit, price dropped even lower, same cost or cheaper then any current 8/16 or 9/18 for sell @1.6b)

Edit… price dropped a bit, also willing to negotiate, possibly consider trade for some stuff.

Dropped again, looking to move, now priced at or under what 9/18s and most 8/16s are even selling for historically.

Interested in trade maybe? for a set of lower research BPOs

Possibly, but mainly lookin for isk so depends on the deal, main ingame Bodhi Wilson, what you have… or message here.

Iam intrested in the complete set. Can I hit you ingame in about a hour?

Sure thing, sorry missed this message earlier, u can message me in game, or mail

Last chance if interested, have standing offer at 20b looking to get a bit more then that, but if not… will sell shortly. let me know if you want to make an offer. Thanks!

Andddd… Sell fell through dropping price to 21b for the set… lets make a deal!

Up Up Up

Willing to come down from 21b, hit me up.

Alright… time to sell this stuff lol… make me an offer, dropped price im looking for lower then i thought I would, willing to negotiate still… TY

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