WTS Subcap perfection - 210 million skillpoints ***SOLD***


Buyout 210 b

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones

4. Character location.

a lot of the Character bazaar rules are missing pls add them

I’ve sent you an ingame message and my offer is at 180bil until a bid on another character is accepted.

Current offer: 180 b

I believe this is a rare subcap specialist.

What would your buyout be? I’ve sent you a inbox ingame.

I’d like to keep offers in this thread. Buyout is 210 b.

Ok well I’ll drop an offer at 190bil for the meantime till another one of my offers is taken elsewhere.

My bid for 190bil

Current offer: 190

195B offer for buyout, need to close the deal today if you accept.

196 bil buyout offer.

i’ll do the 210 buyout, contact me when you get this

Buyout has been met. I will prepare for character transfer. Transfer will start once the agreed amount has been sent to this character.

Evemail me the account you’d like the character transferred to.

Mail and isk sent

Character is sold and in transfer to new owner.

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