See Skillboard here > Character Sheet

  • Positive wallet

  • 1m unallocated skill points

  • 2 remaps available

  • No kill rights

  • -0.08 sec status (easily fixed)

  • Full mid-grade Virtue set

  • Full mid-grade Mimesis set

  • Full improved learning set

  • All clone sets are located in high-sec, and all of them have extra hardwirings
    (all sets worth around 5,3b)

  • Cyno V

  • Perfect subcap shield and armor skills

  • No corp history - Only 3 entries in Zkill (1 loss-2 kills)

  • Character is located in Jita 4-4 CNAP

  • Starting bid: 75B

  • Buyout: Surprise me!!!

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70 bill

I’m willing to consider offers above 73b…
Thanks for the bump though!

73b bid

Retracted bid sorry was to late ive now got a character.

If i dont have a better bid within 24hrs, we have a deal!

2 bids retracted! @Random_Elite does your offer still stand?

Is this still for sale?

Yes it’s still up

would you take 74 bil?

I would

Okay agreed sending isk and account name in game

Isk transferred and the account name was sent via in-game email.

Isk and account name received.
Initiating transfer!
Please confirm when you get the email!

All done from my end!