WTS Supercarrier Pilot - FLIES ALL 6 - 51,013,217 - 457k unallocated

WTS Supercarrier Pilot - FLIES ALL 6 Supercarriers - 51,013,217 - 457k unallocated

Hello, I am selling myself.
Toon is in Amarr
0.3 Sec Status
No Killrights

Has one pod which is below.

Asking 40b

41B of

Retracted as seller became greedy

42 bil

Hi, happy to accept this offer.

has this character been sold yet?

If so I’ll offer 42

It has not been sold yet

Do you accept the offer or?

Yes I do.
Send isk and account info. I should be at my PC to handle the transfer within a couple hours.

Isk & Details sent

Transfer initiated.
You should have an email confirmation.

Not yet

Maybe check the account you sent me?
I believe it will show up there but unusable… but I could be wrong.

Anyhow, I did the transfer to the account you sent, as you wrote it.

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