💰 WTS supers and stuff

  • Ragnarok in black rise NPC station (shield t2 rigs) - SOLD
  • Ragnarok in Amamake (hyper rigs) - 170b (fit optional)
  • Aeon fully fitted in amamake keepstar - 40b for hull + fit separate
  • Nyx with t2 trimarks in amamake keepstar - SOLD
  • Sotiyo in amamake keepstar - 20b
  • capital components in amamake sotiyo Appraisal ZUw7qS @ Jita 4-4 split: 29,968,345,000.00 ISK | Janice - 32b for lot
  • rorqual in amamake - 5b
  • phoenix x5 - each hull 5b
  • Hel with t2 shield rigs x2 - 35b per hull
  • Levi with t2 hyper rigs - 180b (in amamake)
  • Wyvern fully fitted (tank) x2 in amamake keepstar - 40b per hull + fit separate

open for trades as well

some got sold, some updated quantities.

added Levi, daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

10/10 would buy again.

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90 bil for fit rag

How much did the Trimarked Nyx go for?

daily bump

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