Aurora L
Barrage M

Any reasonable bid will be considered :slight_smile:

80b for both


85 B I L L I O N

90b for both

100b for both

105b for both

120b for both

125b for both

Ugh, send it to dart lady. That’s too much for the bpo’s imo, 125b offer stand though if dart backs out or someone else doesn’t try to take it.

Quamii bambii
at these prices I am interested in t2 ammo bpo?

I will gladly sell it thee

126, why not. Its only pixels.

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These BPOs are so damn expensive now. My biggest regret with EvE is not starting earlier. I see you also picked up a Stealth Bomber BPO in the past, im jelly! <3

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126 for both.

ill assume you typoed and ill bid 128

I’ll wait about 10 more hours, then lot goes to the biggest offer :slight_smile:


thank you sir

Sold. Ty all :slight_smile: