WTS 5x T2 Ship BPOs

Rook 10/20 - 120 bil
Rook 10/20 - 120 bil
Cheetah 10/20 - 120 bil
Crow 10/20 - 125 bil
Harpy 10/18 - 125 bil


when is ccp going to convert them into bpc’s?

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That wouldnt be too fair.

Never. CCP has shown that they’ll throw their own staff on the scrap heap rather than fix the glaring ass gape that is T2BPO. I used to moan about T2BPO a lot but now even if I had a few trillion ISK I would rather spend it all on PLEX than these. PLEX sitting in hanger without effort will out perform these BPO’s sitting in hanger or maybe even being used.

Why not do both?

I’m sure if you cry enough they will.


when you see pandas liquidating their stocks and sales flooded by epic offers of 70% sale :sunglasses:

When you see wannabes sh*tting up another thread.

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i think that’s enough of free bumps for you :thinking:

Sales like these let you see all of the pathetic losers that still put money into this game.

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Zahara were you gifted by your T2BPO by CCP or did you earn them? Your zero fucks attitude makes me assume you earned them. Good for you. Sell these T2BPO’s & buy Plex, horde it then double ■■■■ CCP over. maybe they’ll lay off a game mod or another cleaner who knows but you’ll get a warm feeling when they do.

I bought all 200 that I’ve owned.

You can still buy my malediction for 100bil then you would have 201 :stuck_out_tongue: p.s bump for cody

Pathetic losers that help keep the game alive. You wouldn’t be playing if they didn’t keep putting in money


How has eve survived all these years without 50% off humble bundles every other week? Only thing that would be different is a lot less money for CCP to waste or line their CEO’s pocket with.

Nemesis bpo sold. 7 left.

Top of the morning.

To the top.

Claymore BPO sold

Eris BPO sold. 5 BPOs left!