WTS - T2 Miner + Dreadnought (Moros) 30 mill SP - SOLD

Selling T2 Miner + Dread pilot char.
30 Million SP.


Offers pls!

hello i offer 19b

make it 20B and we have a deal

The SP is a little mis-allocated imo, but I can do 20bil

Will wait for [M82K2nG] or other offers till 16:00 UTC.
IF no other offers are coming char is Samantha Cores for 20B!

Please confirm that you’re still accepting the offer and i’ll PM you here with the acc info and send the isk over

Char goes to Samantha Core.
Send ISK and account info pls!

Char goes for 20B

Isk has been sent to Lilly Dallocort, as well as the account info in an EvE mail.

Char transfer started at 17:14!

Thanks for trade

Recieved. Cheers.

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