WTS T2 Ship BPO - Crow, Ishkur, Nemesis, Lachesis

As title says, interested in selling the following Blueprints

Crow - ME 9 TE 20
Ishkur - ME 10 TE 16
Nemesis - ME 10 TE 20
Lachesis - ME 10 TE 18

Interested in selling these things, feel free to post here or eve-mail me in-game. If you offer something really low I’m going to ignore you, but do you. To save the comment section from the inevitable abloobloo that typically surrounds T2 BPO: yes the ROI is awful (building all 4 in a Sotiyo, which I will happily include if any seller wants, yields about 4b a month from all 4), but you’re purchasing a collectors item that both appreciates in value and makes isk. I’m selling these because to get the best return out of them you really need two characters, and I’m just plexing an account to make enough to plex it and not doing anything else with it. Not #worth.

Lachesis BPO sold

whats the asking price on the nemesis and crow , free to eve mail me ingame

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