Wts tagren jett 5.0m sp b/o4billion


one yearly remap used. remaped into max perception, rest in willpower. basically combat focus

have a skill extractor on the hypernet relay on this toon. therefore looking for some kind of reimbursement for that if able.

in perimeter

in npc corp/ tho eve skillboard may say otherwise.

starting bid 2bill

faction standings with amarr and jita at 5.0-6.0

trained broker fee and sales tax skills to 3

2 billion


Do you have a buyout set?

2,1 bi

2.5 billion

if you want we can initiate character transfer within an hour or two.

Are you talking to me?

yes I apologize for not being clear

All right. 2,5b then :slight_smile:

Let’s do it then within hour or two.

Who shall I contact in-game?
Have ISK Ready, sent mail to you in game TJ.

contact tagren. ive got him online ingame. so send him a conversation request. when you get online

ok transaction done. the toon should be available tin 10 hours or so. leme know if you either get it or not.

Allright. Confirmation mail about the character transfer received from CCP.

Character transfer complete.

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