WTS Tengu pilot SOLD

pw: 1234

Good Tengu and hacking /scaning caracter

Positive wallet

Positive sec status

No kill rights

1 Remap left, next one in 3 month 2.7.2018

Caracter will be in NPC corp whitin 1 hour of this post.

All in HS, have 2 clones

Only been in 1 corp so clean corp history

Nightfire tengu skin on caracter

It will run untill 11th of this month…then i will start transfer

10 bill starting

I have 10 bill in game offer by Pia Sweet

Confirming in game offer

bump bump

I’m ready to pay right now.

11b b/o

11.5 b/o

12 bil b/o

12.5 b/o

13b b/o

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15bil b/o.
My offer is available for 30min

15.5b b/o

Can wait to after your business trip also

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ok as he didnt confirm…i accept your offer Pia and will start transfer in 2 days as per ingame mail agreement…

Great and confirm

Enjoy the trip and look forward to receiving the toon

I am home, waiting on ISK and account details so i can transfere caracter…

Buyer backed from purchase…again for sale…
Buyout 13 bill…
Rdy for transfere…

The lowest i will probably agree imidiatly if its quick offer is 12 bill

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9.5 Bil

sorry m8 but too low…if you want quick purcase i will accept 13 the lowest if its made today…otherwise i am not in a hurry…

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I’d be willing to do 11b and can send you the isk shortly when I get home, let me know if your interested.

Ty for your offer,its noted…i will wait…I am now home and when and if i see offer what i wrote i can start imidietly…will be for the next 6 hours then off to buisnes trip and wont be back until monday.

Np I’ll check back in a bit, if you decide to take my offer just let me know and I’ll transfer the isk.