WTS Thanatos + Capital Component BPOs (CHEAP)

The following BPOs are for sale under public contract in Jita. I initially bought them to start researching & building my cap blueprint library, but plans have changed and I no longer have a need for them. Unresearched ones are at below market price.

Thanatos (ME/TE) - (0/0) - 1.28b (1.3b on market)
Captial Construction Parts (ME/TE) - (5/0) - 1.7b
Capital Drone Bay (ME/TE) - (0/0) - 900m
Capital Sensor Cluster (ME/TE) - (5/0) - 1.23b

I’d consider a bundle price if anyone is interested. Respond here or contact me in-game with an offer.

I’ll take for 4b

On second thought, sold. I’ll contract them to you.

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