WTS this Character with NO corp history and who can pull ALL of the Amarr Level 4 missions! 5M Skill Points too!

For sale is this Character with NO corp history and who can pull ALL of the Amarr Level 4 missions!

Level 4 Security missions? check!
Level 4 Distribution missions? check!
Level 4 Mining missions? check!

Amarr Epic Arc, Angel Apic Arc, SOE Epic Arc? check, check, check, check

Also comes with the following bonuses:

5M Skill Points in useful skills. Can be a Skill Farm pilot and pull level 4s!
Annual remap AND 2 bonus remaps available. That is a total of 3 remaps!
2 skill implants and the pilot is located in Jita 4-4.
No kill rights
Positive Security Status
2 permanent skins
A positive wallet balance, no need to dig yourself out of a hole!
I pay the transfer fee!

Here is link to the pilot: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Marble_Strike

All EVE Character Bazaar will be followed. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Starting bid is 4b with a buyout of 7b.

For 4B you asked, I would like to see 5.5M skill points. If I see Cybernetics at 5 (may be with two 5+ implants) - can give 5B+ simply to save my time.

In your case I can offer 3 Bil and a free bump =)

Good luck

5.5b b/o

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Tera, I can do 5.5b b/o. Please send the ISK with the account name with which you want this pilot transferred.

Back up for sale, last buyer ghosted. 4b minimum, 7b b/o! Sale will end 9 Aug 2020 if b/o is not reached by then!



3 Bil

The bid may be retracted today/tomorrow. I looking for 2 chars, and will take first two answering.
Thank you


Bump, still looking for a 4bil min



Are you still looking to sell? If so I can pay 3bil isk. Let me know.

Can you prove that it can pull those lvl 4 missions

That should work as proof, in addition to the eveskillboard link in the first post.