WTS three Dominix 4.4ms pilots cheap

Hi, i am riding out of my alpha Accounts.

I have thee characters to sell, they are :


eveskillboard com pilot Neal_Parker

They are currently 4.4m (3.7 allocatted and 640k unallocated ) i am selling them because want rid out of the accounts.

The are capable Domi/VNI/Myrm pilots, can be adapted for Abyssal Gila easely, and can receive a large injector or two without penalties, no corp history.

DISCLAIMER, in this moment show as 250k available in eveskill board, but they have 640k

The y are all in high sec, positive wallet, no killing rights, all ccp rules apply.

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading the eve nail.

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

2.5b each for
Vanessa Parker, Clyde Parker, and Neal Parker

I agree, ready to sell.

I go to dinner, and can transfer the three, sent the isk and accounts.

Ready to sell.

account info and isk sent for all 3

O i begin the transfer in a moment.

i already transfer the three charaters one moment ago

The transfer finished some minutes ago then i go to biomass Hek Parker.


characters received

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