WTS Family of Alphas with PÎ


(Inactive Seller) #1

Hi, i am now selling some Alpha pilots, because with the price of plex is not rentable have them now.

All are in hi sec, not kill rights, positive wallets, all ccp rules apply. Please answer the thread, not reading eve mail in me or another characters.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dan_Parker 4.97m points CALDARI 3.5

highklights Cybernetic V and PI

SOLD http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jeff_Parker AMARR 5.0m 3.5 SOLD

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Cath_Parker GALLENTE 4.2m 3b

PI and Normal alpha

I have another Two Female pilots 3.5m Dawn and Stacy for sale , but have no access here to eveboard to configure stacy

https://evewho.com/pilot/Stacy+Parker 2.8

eveboard.com/pilot/Dawn_Parker with mining barge IV 3b

(Cath Parker) #2

I am for sale

(Dan Parker) #3

I am for sale

WTS 5 mil sp PI toon incl. 2 +5 imp
(Jeff Parker) #4

I am for sale

(Stacy Parker) #5

I am for sale, only 3.5m, but i am a blonde with attitude.

(Dawn Parker) #6

I am for sale too, i am the other baby of the family and can use mining barge IV

(Posrane) #7

you’re selling them for less than the transfer fee?

(Inactive Seller) #8

I am selling them and paying in Credit Card, Is good bsuiness. I free some accounts, and is cheaperr than buy plex for the final isk i receive and the time was subscribed.

(Posrane) #9

i’ll take jeff

(Inactive Seller) #10

Send the Isk and acc name and i transfer in a minute. Good purchase.

(Posrane) #11

i’ll be home in 30min is that cool?

(Inactive Seller) #12

Yes, anwer the thread please and i deliver as soon i can ( i am in work and go home in an hour )

(Posrane) #13

called a friend Ritopikac to send you isk and account info, you will get it shortly

edit: you have the isk and info on jeff

(Inactive Seller) #14

I pay the transfer one moment ago, you must receive the mail shortly.

Jeff has been sold.

(Posrane) #15

got the notification, thank you

(Inactive Seller) #16

today BUMP

(Inactive Seller) #17

today bump

(Inactive Seller) #18

Stacy, cath and dan still available.

Jeff and dawn were sold.

(system) #19

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