WTS Tiamat Chremoas Lealaps and Raiju

is chremoas still available?

Tiamat and Chremoas is still available

450B for the Tiamat
350B for the Chremoas

Contract the Chrem to me for 330?

Best offer in game 335B no one wants to bid?

mail me your best offer for both

put back on sale, in Nalnifan NPC station

Chremoas 350B
Tiamat 450B



700 for the two

New price Tiamat 450B
Chremoas 350B

in low sec Nalnifan

Send the Chremoas to Truly Unhinged Behaviour. Iā€™m not offering anymore than 400 for a Tiamat though, since we just got one a week or two back at that price.

Located in Nalnifan NPC station

WTS Tiamat 500B
WTS Chremoas 380B
WTS Lealaps 550B
WTS Raiju 450B

Now this is high quality comedy.

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300 on the chremoas and 400 on the laelaps

I can make an effort 350 for the chremoas and 520 for the Lealaps

Chremoas sold .

WTS Tiamat 500B
WTS Lealaps 550B
WTS Raiju 450B

Raiju + 100b for your Laps?

480b - 520b for Lealap

FYI there is a buyer willing to buy for 530B (consider that a bid)