WTS Tiamat

WTS Tiamat its in HS. Open for offers

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can trade you a whiptail for it

By Highsec where do you mean?

Somewhere in Kor-Azor, in a station. Plus it has covops cloak. You can move it wherever you want easily.



That’s okay, I couldn’t have afforded it anyway.

I kinda hope they make the Tiamat open for mass production, since they’re trying to flesh out the whole line. Logi, HAC, Recon would be next…

wont happen

I know they won’t make the Tiamat itself open to production. But they’re kinda painting themselves into a corner otherwise. If they want to make a full line of Trig ships, then they’ll need a Recon. So either it’ll be based off the Vedmak, and look remarkably like the Tiamat, or it’ll be based off the Rodiva, which doesn’t make any sense b/c that’s the Logi hull.

they probably just won’t have a recon, they’ve planned a hac already but prob no recon otherwise it would essentially make the tiamat’s worthless

There are no worthless AT ships… useless? Maybe.

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