WTS Titan book injected, good name 7m sp


WTS this character with a nice name and injected Caldari and Minmatar Titan skills.

Has 7,4m SP
Neural available and 3 bonus remaps

4 +5 implants (all except charisma)
Positive isk and no kill rights
Located in Jita 4-4

8b OBO

In game mail sent

Thanks for the offer, waiting for now.


5.1b offer


Please can you supply a screenshot showing the two skillbooks have been injected, once you have provided the screenshot I will offer 7 bill.

You can see on the linked skillboard the skills are not greyed out. Below is a screenshot, Erebus for comparison. Also found out I have the Raata Sunset skin for the Leviathan, should that tickle your fancy.

I’ll take it for 8b, ready to go.

10b from me for her.

Offer accepted, awaiting isk and account info.

isk and accountinformation has been send to Sign awaiting reply :slight_smile:

Transfer initiated, thanks :slight_smile:

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