WTS Toon Starting Toon

Sp Delayed in eveskillboard but here is a pic of her SP

Wallet Green
No Kill RIght
Jita 4-4
Clean Zkill

Power Grid Management V
CPU Management V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Weapon Upgrades V
Hull Upgrades V
Mechanics V
Gunnery V
Drones V
Light Missiles V
Missile Launcher Operation V

Starting 4.5 B
B/O 5B

I am for sale

The 'Skill Points` entry is the allocated SP, the unallocated is a separate field, if you add the 2 together, you get the Total SP that you see in game.

Adding those 2 numbers together equals what you have in your pic.

oh yes ty

Im Still for sale

Im for sale

Starting bid is now 4.5 B

still for sale

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