WTS: Trade Hub (Mini) Hero (2.9m SP)


SP: 2.9M
Location: Jita
ISK: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Social 5
Connections 4

5.0 Corp Standing with:
Emperor Family (Amarr hub)
Caldari Navy (Jita hub)
Federation Navy (Dodixie hub)
Brutor Tribe (Rens hub)

Jita Sales Tax: 2.8%
Jita Brokers Fee: 3.7%
(Others will be similar)

+4 Implants
2 Bonus Remaps Available
(Mapped 31 Cha, 25 Mem)

Base Tutorial Completed
No Career Agents Completed

Loyalty Points:
Brutor Tribe - 637
Caldari Navy - 19914
Emperor Family - 113342
Federation Navy - 97773


5B ISK or Best Offer

Hardly a trade hub hero with that limited trade skillset, not even got wholesalr 1 let alone tycoon

Fixed for you. :wink: It’s in the queue!

To the top!

1.5B i can go!

Hi Craigsti. If you can go 2B, I can do it. 1.5B is too close to $20 worth of PLEX. :wink:



Ill give you 2bil

Please send the ISK and an EVEMail with the destination character account and I will initiate the transfer! :slight_smile:

Isk Sent & evemail sent with destination account

Transfer initiated!

Thanks, Will confirm when transfer is complete,

Character Recieved, Many Thanks

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