WTS Trader-Alt


I’m for sale. Make me a good offer and i’m yours! (No Password)

Important things:

  • pure Trader
  • Accounting & Broker Relations 5
  • Margin Trading 5
  • Trade, Retail & Wholesale 5

Char is located in Amarr, has Clean Corp History and is born this month

Buyout: 4b

Happy Bidding!

Bid 3B

bid noted, tbh i was looking for a bit more.


3.1b here

Any standings? Will do 3.2 as first and final bidm

No standings i’m afraid, so this toon would be good for tax evasion via citadells.

I would love to get beetween 3.5b to 4b

Recieved a bid ingame: 3.5b

Buyout lowered to 4b

bump, Buyout would be 4b. Send me an ingame mail pls, will be back online at ~22 EVE tonight.
Sale can be initiated instantly then

sold, this thread can be closed

No sale verification on here, was it xfered already?

Char has been sold and transfered, if the buyer has any regards, he can shoot me a PM on this Character. Then i’ll provide more information as required

[Recieved as of 21:03 EVE Time yesterday]

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