WTS: Unique ultra rare item: Perpetual Motion Unit II

i have for sale Perpetual Motion Unit II’s that are a rare item that is no longer available ingame. These items at one time allowed a ship to float through space as if it were actually in space (when you AB’d or MWD’d you wouldn’t slow down until you stopped ship or changed direction)

Very rare unique item for collectors!

Contact me ingame and/or here on the forum to inquire.

Available 1j from Jita


Frowning in annoyance.

You’re mistaken about the item, it was never a fittable module. Instead, it was an item given out by agents as a “lore item” during the tutorial. As such, it’s possible lots of them exist. I know I have several.

Good luck with your sale.

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I do not think this is correct.

I’m literally drinking Zydrine Wine right now.

Was this not gifted because there was An Jackdaw mod patched away?

I don’t know about that. I know I got mine from tutorial missions.

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