WTS Vanilla C5 w/ C5 static

Hole has an astra and fort, both fit. Fort is fuelled for >6 months. 12b

No POCOs but the existing ones are mostly 0% tax. some InterBus.


3 storm
3 barren
1 gas
2 temperate
1 lava

Bumpity bump :slight_smile: Hole is still available.

Hon hon hon! Je fais le BUMP

w o r m h o l e s 4 s a l e

w o o o o o o B U M P!!!

Wormhole 4 sale.

Is this still up for sale?

It is indeed :slight_smile:

Sent you a mail ingame

Message sent in game.

Bump. Buyers backed out, hole is still available :slight_smile: will throw in a rolling carrier & some rolling domis for +1b.


el bumperino. Hole is still available.

He who controls the core garrisons, controls the universe!


le bump. El…bumperino