WTS C5 -C4 -Black Hole with fitted Astrahus


Selling my C5 -C4 Black hole:

1,5 B and you get the hole, Astra + core and a Large tower.

How can I garuntee you won’t just take the isk and run do you transfer the astra first or what?

Simpel, I would never make that scam!
The Tower will need to be unanchored, but then you can just scoop it, and re-anchored it.

And we can agree, you pay 50% when you are in the hole, and the rest when you have the Astrahus

Got any rolling battleships in the hole?

I have two rolling raven’s, you can buy to Jita price if you want.

Mind sharing planet information?


Good luck with the sale thoose planets don’t work for me

ok, thx


Bump :innocent:

Bump :innocent:

I have interest and I want to buy this wormhole.

Hi Mate,
see in-game;)

SOLD :innocent:

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