WTS Vargur/Paladin/Panther/Redeemer, 37.8m SP

Selling my dedicated Black Ops and Marauder hyper focused pilot.

  • Amarr and Minmatar BS V
  • Black Ops V
  • Jump Skills V
  • Marauders IV (Currently training V)
  • Excellent Gunnery Skills

Also includes a VERY expensive high grade amulet pod including the HG-1008 implant which by itself is almost 3b.

Char and pod located in Jita 4-4.

Positive wallet, no kill rights, NPC corp.

Min bid is 24b.

19 billions

i will go 22b

Link doesn’t work?

Forgot to make it public should be good.

20.5 b

Current high bid is 22, if someone gets to my 24b tonight I’ll initiate the transfer today.


Accepted, send isk and account name to this character in game and I’ll initiate the transfer.

isk sent

ISK received, transfer initiated. Thanks!

Received - thank you!

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