73M SP Subcap/Drone/Blackops Character - SOLD

  1. Wallet balance - Positive Wallet Balance
  2. Kill rights - No Kill rights
  3. Jump clones - JCs in Otela and Gelfiven, both are +5 stat implant sets
  4. Character location - Jita 4-4 in NPC corp

stard bid or bo ?

Hey m8, looking for bids currently, thank you.
Will sell in a few days to the highest :slight_smile:

50b offer

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sry made a error will make my own post just remove this reply i made plz.


52b :dollar: o/

Bump, BO is 60B

I can do 53b

Bump, BO is reduced to 55b



do 54bil and ill buy tonight

Come on buddy, let’s do this.

Mail me back

Bump! Msged The Cost regarding 54b BO

accepted ingame - please confirm so that I can send you the isk and account details

Accepted 54b BO offer.

Isk and account information sent