[WTS] various flagships wrecks

Vizan’s modified mega pulse SOLD
Brokara’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb SOLD
Brynn’s Modified Damage Control SOLD
Domination Nanofiber Structure SOLD
Dread Guristas Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher SOLD
Estamel’s Modified Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher SOLD
Hakim’s Modified Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher SOLD
Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer SOLD
Unit F-435454’s Modified Damage Control SOLD
100MN Abyssal Afterburner SOLD
XLASB abyssal SOLD
1 abyssal heat sink SOLD

you can pick them up on contract or ask directly here !


i helped harvest these!

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I was there !

Huh, how much for vizian’s modified mega pulses?

10B each

Contact them to me plz

contract up

Accepted thx

have fun with those :slight_smile:

Do you have price for abyssal LAR and XLSB with 290 CPU, private message or plz post here.

4b LAR
12bb XLAB

Contract plz LAR fo me, thx

done !

Accepted, thanks for trade

Price on estamel rapids?

2 left, make offer

If I might ask, how much did you sell this for? Have one I’m trying to get rid of as well.

still lots of goods Items to be picked up !

bump putain

singe qui hurle