[WTS] Vendetta Build Kit - Cheap

(General Mao) #1

For sale are exactly 306 max ME/TE capital component BPC’s needed to build a Vendetta supercarrier - that is absolutely everything except the Vendetta BPC itself. Kit is located in Jita 4-4.

Total paid was over 3b, but would like to sell for 2b. Message in game or post here if you want it via contract.


(General Mao) #2

Please make an offer, if interested!

I can provide a list of the exact blueprints included upon request, but the package is 100% all the cap component BPC’s you need for building a Vendetta supercarrier. There are 306 BPC’s in total.

(General Mao) #3

bump - make an offer?

This is basically everything you need to build a Vendetta (a lot, surprisingly!) minus the actual Vendetta BPC.

(Why U SoFail) #4

Sent message

(General Mao) #5

bump - anyone want the kit?

(Memegod) #6

Put up a contract to me @2b and il do a bit of math to see how many cap parts there are :slight_smile:

(General Mao) #7

Will do, Memegod. Thanks :slight_smile:

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