[WTS] Very skilled CLEAN 5m SP character

Iā€™d like to sell myself - very skilled 5m SP started pilot.


Key facts:

  • very good core skills
  • cybernetics 5
  • cyno 5
  • gallente cruiser 5

The character comes with full mid-grade slave pod (incl. HG-1005), worth over 800m alone.

No killrights, 2 remaps available, NO KILLS, NO LOSSES :slight_smile:

Start bid: 4b
B/O: 7b

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3.5 Bil

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To the top

To the top, I am open for offers

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To the top

Still taking offers :slight_smile:

4b? :smile:

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Bid 4.1b

Accepted private offer from Harold Crane - awaiting isk and account details

Hav to withdraw bought another toon

Still selling

Bid 4.3b

Accepted private offer from Figgles, please send isk and account name

Character transferred, thanks for business! :slight_smile: