WTS WH C3 /NS + POCO + ALTS (J131656)

With the release of APEX, I have no time for EVE so my little money maker is up for sale. Wanting 3.9b and its all yours.

The sale includes:
Astrahaus (Fitted + Full T1 Fighters)
5x POCO 0% Tax (Corporation)
P4 PI producing
All planets have dead POS (Except for an Escape POS owned by my corp)

Have called this home for the past year for me and my 8 alts. Earning approx 400m each toon with a few mins every 4 days, was the easiest ISK I have ever made.

I also ran the sites and had them at 40m per 6 mins! (Dual Domi)

The hole is incredibly quiet with often no one passing through for days. There is a HS that pops up every week, so that is when I’d head out and sell.

Sale comes with an additional 4x Megathron Battleships to roll the holes with for safety. Various PI ships and mining vessels.

PM me ingame, WH + Astra + POCO’s and above is for 3.9b.

8 Available - Max PI / Research / SP Farm toons

If it does interest you.

I have 8 alts that are in J131656 now ready at 5.5m SP each, Max PI and Research Copy skills that can be used for SP Farming now. I make 400m from PI alone each toon.

5b each alt, comes with its own PI colony already setup (If you want to spend the hours setting it all up again, you’re insane). It will be a separate sale through the Bazaar.

I am intrested



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