WTS Wormholes - We Find'em You Buy'em

Hello I am new to the WH sale community but since I spend most of my time diving in and out and around WHs I figured I could help you find the WH you are looking for.

I currently have 2, C4 WHs for sale see below for details on those. If you are looking for a WH to live in or just looking for a WH because you need to get back into it please don’t hesitate to post here and we can talk about the detials.

WHs for sale:

C4 Pulsar - C3/C4 statics - Raitaru x1
C4 No Effect - C3/C5 static - Raitaru x1

Please let me know if you are interested in either of these holes or my WH locator service.

Price on the C4 Pulsar with C3/C4 statics? Including Raitaru? Is Raitaru fit/fueled?

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We are asking 4bill, its got 2 Gas planets, 1 Oceanic & 2 Barren as well as 22 moons for pulling space rocks from. The raitaru has a clone bay and lots of fuel and we also have a rolling Megathron that is included as well.

We have other ships for sale in the hole if interested if not we will move them out before transfer.

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