WTT Sotiyo Pack with extras

Hii, i have a Sotiyo BPC in metropolis i am not going to use in the near future.

have some BPC for standup modules, and include 465 Janitor and 233 Marines required.


As far i can see the

sturcture partes are 8/18
fighters 9/16
stand up Modules 9/16 and 10/20
sotiyo 7/14

include reactor module, missle launcher, market hub, cloming center

The packs in market now are worst, some of 850m but 8/10 and a 1.77b pack without my extras and janitors / marines

I am interested in sell the pack, can accept anythng similar value.

Ideas :

  • Carrier fitted low sec
  • dreadnought low sec
  • bunch of ore
  • plex
  • a citadel /s UNANCHORED.


Dont hurry to sell but no use at the moment.

Answer the thread or seek me in game or send mail

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