X for Pos Destruction?

I’ve heard about x for pos destruction but don’t know what it means. Could someone elaborate?

Are you in a corporation or Faction Warfare?

Where did you see this statement?

(I think I have an idea on what it is talking about, but context will help clarify)

Iv heard Y, but I really start to believe its Z.

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Looks like we have to guess…
The x is normally used in chat to show you want to fleet up or volunteer for a task in fleet. So perhaps it was kind of a survey?

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That line is used in the song “Little Bees”, might’ve been where he got it!

And Boldly Gone is correct, “X for POS destruction” means to write an X in fleet / chat if you want to join for some POS (the older version of upwell structures) destruction. It’s used to take inventory about how many people you have for a certain task. In this case probably said as a joke because that task used to be incredibly boring but you might hear it said in real fleets as X up if you fly a logi ship, for example.

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Sorry about my ignorant comment here!

But if your question is legit, then yes…
I also think that x for pos destruction means that all the players who want to join the pos destruction fleet, should x up in chat window, so the fleet commander can invite you in.

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