X rants about Y at Z

I mean, it’s kind of tautological, isn’t it? Interest in what someone has to say will always, in part, be dependent on what they have to say.

So, the letter X. I just love how the two lines intersect with each other, like a start of a nice back-crunching bear hug. Y with its cute tail, and so welcoming. It’s a letter that just seems happy to see me. Like a puppy.

But Z……

Z can ■■■■ right off with its smug straight line making those pretentious zigs and zags. It’s like one of those obnoxious self righteous smirks. So irksome.

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I think you mean ‘Zo irkzome’

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You know that ends and begginings are illusions.

And if it crossed your mind that the drunken debacuhery happens frequently or due to some epiphany, it is not so.

You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.

I do not belittle the costumes and its roles, it is important not to attach oneself to innaction. I do things, i touch lives, i listen, i enjoy many things this journey has to offer.

Awe is such an interesting concept, my heart is filled with it.

I do not consider myself to be the cause of the results of my activities (you know that there are greater things at work), but we all play our part nevertheless.

What i see when you write certain things is that you cling yourself to some forms of pain and are not quite willing to let go of them. That is not related at all to what your beliefs “should make of you”.

If you would like company in certain parts of your journey, let me know. I make quite an excellent tea.

May you have a wonderful new cycle!

And happy new year everyone.

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I, for one, get uptight and incredulous over dismissing as trivial or silly concerns that hold no cultural value to you.


There, I fixed it for you. No need to thank me. I did my one act of altruism for the year.


I still get annoyed at people who believe the New Halaima Code of Conduct is just an excuse to blow up defenseless ships. I was kicked out of the Cult of James many clones past but, even so, I still acknowledge their religious fervour as being just as valid in their eyes as those who follow the Amarrian religion.

I’m not saying all religions are equally valid. Just that the belief and zeal behind them can be equally passionate in trying to do whatever necessary to bring about what they think is needed to improve the Cluster. I still have a well of rage well up in me at the sight of a mining barge sitting motionless, lazers off, pilot clearly asleep in their pod, mocking Baseliners who can’t access the unimaginable wealth of the capusleers because of how much we strip resources out of systems…

Also, orange centipedes.

Treadmills. Going nowhere fast. Much like these forums.

Just FYI, those two things have nothing to do with one another. If we didn’t exist, baseliners wouldn’t be a single ISK richer. We are, after all, a relatively new development. That’s always been a weakness of the ‘Code’… but then, it’s not like James ever really bought into the things he said.

Oh, I realise that now but when you’re on the inside… It’s a very different matter.

Sounds more like a cult than a religion.

Love on the other hand. No cult, religion or even capsuleer corp/alliance could ever be big enough to represent that. Love breaks down boundaries and transcends petty squabbles.

Also maths don’t lie:

Explain better. That’s a common right triangle theorem.

I mean, right triangles aren’t even particularly strong. You really want an equilateral triangle, where the stresses on any side or angle can be evenly distributed to the other two without causing imbalance.

I’d be interested to see where you draw that dividing line.

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Very simply.


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I am open to a one on one sessions. We could sit by the fire with some wine and talk maths or not.

That’s where you’re wrong. This isn’t a right angle triangle, it’s a Love Triangle.

You can have it both ways, right angles and equilateral, if you’re curvy enough!



Sounds interesting. When and where?

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