XL Cyno Inhib

Would be cool to have an XL cyno inhib.

  • 5000m3 in volume
  • 1 hour anchor time
  • warpable from overview when it goes online (but visible in D and with probes as soon as it’s deployed)
  • 1M EHP with a 250m sig radius
  • Inhibs the entire system (does not affect covert cynos)
  • Cannot be scooped
  • T2 materials to build (I’d see the cost somewhere around 500m isk)
  • Will stay anchored for 1 week unless blown up earlier
  • Remote assistance capable, but with 80% impedance

Would be useful for siege and for long term system denial tactics (cloaky camping).

At 5km3, it’ll fit in a blockade runner, so you can blops one in an hour before your attack. Sneak it in, anchor it, and wait.

A 1 hour anchor time means you can’t use it for lightning style roams.

At 1M EHP, it can easily be killed by a small group of subs if they push the owners off grid, but if the owners push the attacking fleet off, they can rep it back up again.

They’re expensive enough that cloaky campers who are actively hunting will need to make a serious choice about whether or not to anchor one for an ambush, knowing that when they drop it, it’s gone forever no matter what.

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Oops, forgot to add.

This would also block the new player-owned upwell stargates (inbound, possibly outbound depending on interest/balance).


Give resists to cyno inhibitors

The problem we have here is that system-wide cyno jammers are entirely defensive. They’re a very clear and valuable tool. I know from experience that even the very biggest forces in the game (goons) can’t handle a weaker opponent when the deck is stacked against them - which isn’t surprising, the deck was stacked.

Allowing them to be used offensively, within the realm of a strategic deployment (it’s certainly not tactical with a 1 hour anchor time) opens up offensive opportunities to take control of a system.

Quick example, imagine “a group” is invading Delve (picking them because they’re the most likely to bring 500 titans to a frigate match). Attackers want to take a strategic system, and luckily, nobody notices the XL inhib. A minute before it anchors, we light cynos on all in-gates, bridge in HICs, DICs, and anchor bubbles on all the gates. B52 Phoenixes 250km off the gate, (super)carriers are 500 off the gate with their fighters already on the gate, titans and haw dreads are ready to unleash hell on anything that blinks.

Blue caps are in, the system is now jammed, and NOTHING (well nothing dangerous, now that Claws don’t have nullification anymore) is getting through the camp, so long as the camp is maintained.

For something like a hull timer, it can easily make all the difference.


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