XLSE (eXtra-Large Shield Extender)

This is especially relevant to projectile ships since they could swap from arty to auto and use the massive PWG difference to fit those new extenders.


To be fair, battleship grid is largely unaffected by fitting 1600 plates and especially LSE. The grappler needs 180-220PG and battleships had plenty of room to add it to their arsenal. Same with the MJD (over 1k grid). Neither required adjustments to their grid to make use of it.

Fitting x2 LSE on a battleship is 300mw of grid… out of 15-20k of grid. Its a non issue tbh. Using 2 1600s is about 1100PG, still managable to squeeze in. Upping to a 450mw shield extender would be negligible for fitting compromises.

Source: i have been flying pvp battleships for years. Solo and fleet.

I totally agree with you, however @Old_Pervert stated that if you don’t accept he is right, that means you have not played the game long enough.

Seriously, I totally agree with you. I actually think that those modules are not present because they would make shield tanks OP : enlarging their sig is no issue, while getting them to have a correct buffer with no issue (such as speed for armor or cargohold for hull) for the small fitting requirement is not very balanced.

Side note, my tempest has issues fitting 2*1600+full 1400 rack… sometimes pwr is an issue.

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So you are putting armor plates of a kiting ship. Congratulations, you must be pro.

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reported for aggression.

Looks like you need more anti-insult extenders

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extra large. Hence this post.

With 1400s, everything is a PG issue, especially on a tempest. Thats the drawback of putting the largest subcap gun in the game on your ship.


Youre effectively increasing the slots of battleships like the tempest, raven, rokh. This isn’t a trivial thing. It means balancing them from scratch. Enter the buffer fit tempest with tackle to boot :confounded:

And your current stats for an XL shield extender can fit quite happily on some BC’s like the drake, effectively removing the need to fit two large extenders and letting them put on an XL extender and a web. Or (god forbid) a hurricane that can fit one of these with an invuln.

Where’s the trade off?

This has been proposed a thousand times, but its not going to happen because it basically re-writes buffer fits for BC’s and above. Instead they added capital sized buffer mods.

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Thank you, I searched for XLSE but got no result . That’s what I thought, this would be op.

Actually, I think it may not be THAT OP. I mean, the tradeof is the increase pwr usage. The meta would adapt, then it would be the norm. I think.

People will just fit them to their bcs/cruisers/hacs whatever

But right now i can have a drake with just under 100k ehp and 650dps. The problem though, is no web. This is one way the drake is balanced across other bc’s right? Now that drake can swap two extenders for an XL one and a web. It has almost the same tank, probably around 90-95k ehp, but with a web to boot. And yes it has the grid to fit it.

Like wise, at the moment, i can have a shield cane with just over 50k ehp, and 750 dps (or 400ish at long point range) or an armour cane with 70k ehp, 650ish dps (500ish at short point range). The shield cane is faster but doesn’t have webs…the shield cane also has enough grid left to fit an xl shield extender (where the armour cane doesn’t have any grid spare). And the XL shield extender would push that shield canes hp right around the 70k mark, maybe higher (make that 60-65k ehp. But the point still stands). So one of the whole reasons to fly an armour cane is removed. All you have left is a couple webs. The shield fit is better in every other way.

This is before you start making tempests that tank like megas but with more range and a fuckload more utility. Or get into command bc’s and hacs.

At the very least youre gonna want to increase grid requirements to block off bc’s. 1000+ mark.

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thank you, that makes sense.

I dont completely agree. They may be balanced, however you tend to need two or three for a decent fit (not always of course), im on mobile atm so ill update with some possible numbers when i get home from work, however a 3200 or xlse that you would need less of them may be viable.

But 3200 and XL extender been suggested so many times and in the end we end up with cap modules. Instead of that they could add at least deadspace versions a to x types with advanced stats.


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