[XMETA] Mecha Enterprises Fleet PVP Corp Low Sec and Null SEC Recruiting!

(Silver Suspiria) #21


(Silver Suspiria) #22

Latest action from last night https://youtu.be/JCzOuodq2UA

(Silver Suspiria) #23

Something is gonna get dead

(Silver Suspiria) #24

Come get some good PVP, check us out mentioned here —>>>>> https://imperium.news/two-wars-in-one-fighting-the-great-western-war/

(Avid Nray) #25

we are still recruiting. mail me in game for info and an interview.

Avid Nray

(CaseyLP) #26

Recruitment is still open, looking for skilled PVP pilots!

(CaseyLP) #27

Took down a Shadow Cartel Keepstar yesterday, if you want in on these events, join today!

(Silver Suspiria) #28

Fight from last night! https://youtu.be/VfQ2wTehJrw

(CaseyLP) #29

Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #30

From Fade to Black Rise, we chase the content around to get the best action for our players, join today!

(CaseyLP) #31

Recruitment is still open!

(CaseyLP) #32

Looking for skilled PVPers as well as those who have more than 25 mil SP and want to learn PVP!

(CaseyLP) #33

Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #34

Featured on INN!

~44m SP Booty Bandit looking for new friends
Returning 155m player, looking for new home
(CaseyLP) #35

Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #36

The FEDUP Flag soars high, join today!

(CaseyLP) #37

Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #38

C02 saw our strength yesterday when we ripped three TCUs from them in Fade. Take part in the war today, be on the frontlines, do not let the tyranny of the North rule.

The eagle soars high!

(CaseyLP) #39

Recruitment still open!

(Silver Suspiria) #40

great fight VS the bad guys