[XMETA] Mecha Enterprises Fleet PVP Corp Low Sec and Null SEC Recruiting!

(CaseyLP) #41

Recruitment is still open!

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Circle of Two TCU down

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Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #44

FEDUP in the news! https://imperium.news/imperial-legacy-fedup-destroy-multiple-co2-structures-uncontested/

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Recruitment still open!

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Join the family today, XMETA is recruiting!

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Oops, didn’t see your AF fleet there, be a shame if we… killed it.


(CaseyLP) #48

Recruiting is still ongoing!

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Tired of being in an alliance where all you do is dock up at the first sign of danger? Look no further! Join us, XMETA, a content driven group within Federation Uprising.

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Recruitment still open!

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You mess with our space, you get the hammer


Join today!

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Recruitment still open!

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Welp a 20 man punisher fleet to 30 cruisers and battlecruiser and still come out with twice as much ISK value killed? Hell ya: https://br.inyour.space/?s=1198&b=8248500&e=20&t=rb

(CaseyLP) #54

Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #55

Turning a 16 man Algos roam into a double Thanny kill? Count me in: https://br.inyour.space/?s=5000&b=8249862&e=90&t=urevrvvvvvvrb

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Recruitment still open!

(CaseyLP) #57

FEDUP versus NGSC https://br.inyour.space/?s=2813&b=8255640&e=90&t=uvv

That’s a nice 1 bil Oneiros and 1.2 bil Leshak you have there, be a shame if we did something about those…

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Recruitment still open!

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Happy cake day to me! Recruitment still open!

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Recruitment still open!