xSTDs - USTZ Sov Null

Stellar Tribunal Dynamics is a new Corp part of Now Your Gone alliance living in sov null.


  1. build from scratch a USTZ Corp within Now Your Gone
  2. Provide content for our members
  3. ultimately become a powerhouse in our alliance

What we offer:

  1. near constant PvP content
  2. alliance level moon mining
  3. we own our sov.
  4. good ratting space (but it’s dangerous)
  5. easy access to high sec markets

What we want:

  1. active members in USTZ
  2. people who are social and respectful
  3. people who are willing to train doctrine and join fleets
  4. people who are willing to work together to build a presence in our active times

If you are interested or want more information Join xSTDs and say hi :slight_smile: