Xubuntu 18.04 launcher error

(Ni Neith) #1

Hello, I am getting a whine error as soon as I try to start the game. Installed it through wine. Is it fixable? I tried to set the launcher to dx9, but it didn’t fix the problem. I don’t know what to do.


(Whitehound) #2

Did you set WINE to run in “Windows XP”-mode?

If not then first start winecfg and select Windows XP at the bottom.

(Ni Neith) #3

Yes, thanks. This worked. I can start the game. But I have a question about what settings is it best to run in. I tried fullscreen but as soon as i tab out and want to come back the window is minimized. Is there a way to fix it. THX

(Whitehound) #4

I’m not sure. I haven’t done this in a while myself. You can try to run winecfg again and give it its own desktop with a fixed size, but it depends much on the window manager you’re using.


I run two clients and in windowed-mode myself so that I can switch between them simply by selection their windows over a panel on the edge of my screen. Then I don’t even need to press Alt-Tab, but I can switch with only the mouse and I can also switch to a browser and a terminal window more easily etc… Since I use DXVK does minimizing a window then save a lot of CPU and GPU power, because DXVK uses Vulkan and it makes a huge different in performance as well as power consumption.

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