Yarrow Shipbuilders - Worm Hole Industrialists with Combat

Our doors are open to new and experienced industry pilots also looking for combat.

We are a high-sec / WH Corp, we have many experienced pilots willing to help guide you in the cruel world of EvE.

As an apprentice pilot we hope you will be willing to work as a team, be professional in the way you conduct yourself to the public, looking to forge new friendships and strive to improve yourself and the corp. We have got your back so be prepared to have your fellow members.

As a corp we can offer lucrative group events and help you become self-sufficient while creating great friendships. We believe that it should be fun at the end of the day, otherwise why bother?

We offer you a positive environment to grow and learn all while facilitating an end to being space poor. We like to encourage members to be self-sufficient all while working closely to help our corporation grow.

We have members who offer buy back programs from Ore, moon ore and PI so you dont need to haul it to a trade hub.

Yarrow Shipbuilders is a High-Sec / WH corp within Amarr space, we aim to help our members become rich by providing the infrastructure and knowledge from experienced players.

As our corporation grows we will also be expanding into ship replacement programs for PVP losses when using corp doctrines.

Members will be encouraged to train into these doctrines if possible to help with any PVP events that may happen.

We have experienced players dating back to 2006, all willing to share their knowledge and experience. Everyone has busy lives and we don’t demand anything, just show up when you can and join in.

How to apply

All applicants will be required to register on our portal site and fill in a quick application form.

We also need you to complete a full api audit after registering.

We will process your application a.s.a.p. To check on your application you can join our recruitment channel

AYS Recruitment

Alpha accounts are accepted but 2 Million skill points minimum requirement.

Multiple accounts are welcome.

Daily bump, still recruiting and looking for players of all kinds.

Daily bump.

Daily bump

Daily bump.

Daily bump, still looking for industrial / combat pilots.

We are still recruiting.

Daily bump.

Still looking for pilots, come and have a chat…

Daily Bump

Daily bump.

We are looking for wormhole /PVE/PVP players.

Daily bump.

Still recruiting.

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Alpha pilots are now welcome, 2M SP minimum requirement.

Daily Bump

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