[YC 121 NECWC Entry] The Winter of Origin

The Winter of Origin

The summer was long and our trees grew tall
We maybe thought the summer would not end at all
We deemed ourselves safe behind the cracked wall
We had forgotten; after summer comes the fall

High trees catch a lot of wind
And now our forest has been thinned
The Indigo Tears will keep falling for years
The loss was great, but not the darkest of fears
The fire had burned and cold wind was blowing
But the embers of our spirits still remained glowing

The Stitcher said
It’s not so bad.
With needle and thread
We will patch this hole
Once more become whole
We still have our soul
We’ll climb back to the top
We’re not going to stop
or let our spirits drop

But on Renaissance the mountains are high
And there were some who could not help but cry
Yet we were hopeful, soon would come spring
We were looking forward to what future might bring
But wind kept blowing, chilled the embers in our heart
And like leaves of dead trees we were blown apart
As some searched respite under different skies
They never returned to see the Isis sunrise

Even The Stitcher said 't is the end of the show
The mountains are covered under far too much snow
Those of you who remain here just have no place to go

A few of us keep holding out and still hope for the thaw
But there’s no denying that winter comes after the fall


Thank you for sharing, Che. Submission acknowledged.

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I’m going to give some background info that may help to fully appreciate this poem.

The title refers to The Fall of Origin, and there are some references to the contents in that thread that I’ll let you find for yourselves, but it’s mostly in the OP and the critique on the readiness of Origin to defend against an invasion.

Refers to the fragments of the destroyed Indigo City supercluster of Indigo City and the surrounding citadels that enter the atmosphere of Renaissance every day.

Referring to the metaphorical hole in the cloth of/“wormhole” system Origin

Some of the mountains on Renaissance are high indeed, extending out above the atmosphere.

Isis is Origin’s sun.

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