The Fall of Origin

It hasn’t quite officially and fully fallen yet, but after years of ALXVP control, the Origin system is in its final days. Tonight, at approximately 2200 New Eden Standard Time, Indigo City will enter its final vulnerability window… and will be destroyed. There is no realistic or plausible hope of defending it at this point.

Most human assets aside from non-essential crew have been evacuated groundside. Capsuleer assets are either going dark or being abandoned. As far as I’m concerned, our attackers can have my stuff: They’ve earned it. I don’t believe in salting the earth, or in spite. They bested us fair and square.

There are the usual thanks to give to the people who came to our aid. I want to single out POSPY and SFRIM in particular: I know there will be conversations over the coming week or two about what (if anything) we could have done better and what (if anything) we got wrong… but right now you’re all heroes, and true friends.

We don’t yet know where we’re going next. Personally, I’ve lost a lot: Literally ALL of my ship assets and modules, except for a few novelties and collector’s items, were kept in Indigo City. We’re all in a similar situation.

On the bright side: I haven’t seen my corporation so motivated and energised in a long time. We’re hurting, but I haven’t heard a single voice saying “that’s it, I give up, I’m done.” All the conversation is about where we go next, what we’re going to build together, what we can learn from this. Some of us want to regroup and retake our home, others think we should examine what other possibilities the future holds. I can see the merits to both.

But we always knew that we’re made of pretty tough stuff. And as it turns out, having lost all my assets I’m now eager and motivated to get to work on replacing them… and I know I’m not unique.

We’ve spent a long time at the top of the mountain. I guess it took being pushed off to remind us that it’s the climb that’s rewarding, not the being up there.

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-Yakiya Verin Gariova “Stitcher” Hakatain.
Subcoordinator, Alexylva Paradox.


Mh, should have poured some of those assets, modules and wealth into whoever does mercenary work in weird-space. Rarely enough on its own, but tends to tip the scales. That said, you’re an interesting enough fellow that I don’t want to see you slog it back up from the relative dumpster as it were, so let me know if a small infusion of a few billion ISK is needed to get back on your track, Verin.

Who’s kickin’ your shiny asses out anyway?


Suffering an eviction is never fun. I hope you recover quickly.

That said, having kept a relatively close eye on the comings and goings in Origin, I think you know that there are a lot of things you really should have been doing better.

Against an invader who knows what they’re doing, this is a pointless waste of money.

Outlaws. and Don’t Wake A Sleeping Bear are the majority of the forces. Outlaws use evictions like this as their main source of income, if you check their records there are dozens of low-class fortizars killed over the past year or so.


I’m sorry to hear origin has fallen. I wish you all the best in what the future might bring.


God is glorified in the fall of the Wicked, and Transhumanists are Wicked indeed.

Whatever your next project, O ALXVP, I pray that it seeks the blessing of God; abandon this false path of Transhumanism.

P. S. That SFRIM would aid an explicitly atheist Transhumanist corporation is further evidence of its fall to Molok.

You’re completely correct. We’re working on learning from those mistakes so that they don’t happen a second time. The first time was one time too many.

I appreciate the offer. Fortunately I’m not short on liquid capital, just ships and modules.


This is some sad news. I hope you have managed to evacuate the civillians without too high losses.


Most of the civilian population stayed groundside, or evacuated from the citadels to join their fellows down on the colonies.

Our intel and profiling predicts that the corps who evicted us will consider them beneath notice and ignore them. Renaissance and the other colonies are fully self-sufficient and we had contingencies in place for this.

Honestly, it’s likely to remain quite a nice place to live. I’m sure there’ll be changes, some opportunists who move in to fill the void we leave, but the Origin colonies are now a permanent human presence in that system. There are worse fates than being left to decide your own destiny.


Utopias are meant the be the never ending horizon, always not quite there yet. Even Sansha had to deal with setbacks.

Movement is life, stagnation is death, and the updated version of your wok will be even more than the last one!

Keep info coming and may the winds be in your favor.


This is a great time to reflect on your life and pray to the almighty Lord YOUR God for forgiveness and mercy and to lead you back to the light of the true path by Amarr.

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As someone who has been observing the development of Origin passively from the outside, this news is somewhat somber. The notion that the surface colonies will be unnoticed by the invaders is comforting and one that I hope ends up proving true. I certainly differ and perhaps disagree when it comes to the chosen philosophy and lifestyle of the people of Origin, but genocide due to invading forces is never a fate I would wish upon anyone.

On the bright side, I would assume the Origin development process has provided ALXVP with plenty of knowledge and experience in terraforming and colonial development. Perhaps, as a temporary business venture, the corporation can offer such services in known space. Just a thought.


A chapter closes yet a new one opens.

I do genuinely wish you the best of luck in this new era for ALXVP. Regardless if you reclaim your home or venture off to find new opportunities and challenges. I have faith your people will have no difficulty adapting much like you did to carve out a piece of Anokis for yourselves.

Once again, good luck to you and Alexylva Paradox.


An unfortunate turn of events, my condolences. I wish ALXVP the best of luck in the future, you are all wonderful people and don’t deserve this. Good to know the colonies are somewhat safe, you’ve spent a good amount of effort building up your litle corner of the universe.

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Now that the destruction of Origin is almost complete, we have this statement to make.

The elimination of ALXVP’s home was a contract assignment. Whilst we choose to complete the reconnaissance ourselves, we sub-contracted the eviction itself out to a group more suited to it.

However, our client (one of ALXVP’s own members that wishes to remain annoymous) asked for complete and total destruction. Whilst our sub-contractors are very good at what they do, we have a reputation to uphold to our clients. After the Fortizar is eliminated, we will move into the system to carry out clean up of any remaining structures. During this time, we intend on widespread orbital bombardment of all planets and moons. Nothing will remain in Origin.

What remains of ALXVP’s capsuleer members are welcome to return to the salted ashes of Origin to attempt to rebuild after we are done. Contract completed, we have no further interest in Origin. Our forces will be returning to HQ to await our next assignment.


If you’re trying to upset me, you’re going to have to come up with a much more plausible lie.

We know who hit us. They’re a serial eviction group who make their money by doing exactly what they did to us. They have no interest in dirtside assets as evidenced by their historical activity.

You meanwhile are an obvious proxy account and I have no reason to believe a word you say.
The words “We have a statement to make” carries ZERO weight when you remain anonymous.

Back under your bridge, troll.


I would be fascinated to see if you can back this up in any way.


Such is a just fate for Transhumanist colonists. Not one brick stacked upon another; not one blade of grass left standing.

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Our client doesn’t wish for his/her identity to be revealed… yet.

In most circumstances, targets ask for ‘evidence’ in order to gain information on who our client is. The dates and times we communicated with our client are valuable to you to compare with information from your corporate communications. Likewise, even benine conversation can be used in profiling our client, by taking out popular words, speech style and mannerism.

We understand your desire to determine the authenticity of our statement, in addition to narrowing down the identity of your traitor. However as explained above, I am afraid we cannot help you. Contractual obligations must come above and beyond all other considerations.

If and when our client chooses to reveal his or her identity publicly, we will be happy to provide any evidence requested.


If that were true, you would never have mentioned a traitor in your first post. It added nothing to the post at all except that it revealed the existence of one. The fact that it’s included in brackets, suggests that it was added after most of the post was already written, likely for the purpose of stirring ■■■■.