[YC 121 NECWC] VaskTech Indigo's Fall After Action Report

This is a report of my findings during the attack on the Origin system belonging to Alexylva Paradox from the perspective of my company VaskTech. The main report can be found here.

This is primarily a summary of events and casualties during the assault and how VaskTech itself has handled the catastrophe and what we have taken away from the situation as a company, as well as some closing thoughts on the issue. As mentioned this is an official VaskTech report and not an official Alexylva Paradox report on the crisis.

This is to be submitted for consideration in the YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest.

—Report Begins Below—

After Action Report - 5-8-YC120

Revised and Reviewed by Executive Committee 5-1-YC121


Indigo’s Fall was an code black emergency crisis initiated when hostile forces entered the Origin system and began combat operations threatening civilian and military personnel of the Alexylva Paradox corporation. On the twelfth of April sometime around 14:00 hours the first inclinations of an incursion were detected. It was not until 18:00 hours NEST that a code black was declared by the Coordinatorship of Origin. Thirty minutes prior large hostile force was reported and engaged a control tower positioned around the second moon of the fifth planet in system, allowing the enemy to create a foothold within system.

During the initial 48 hours combat was sporadic and was primarily focused around skirmishes involving evacuation craft and the initial attacks on ALXVP citadels within system. Diplomatic and Coordinatorship officials established early on the attack was a “Raid and Burn” operation. With the intention of acquiring control of the system and then selling it to clients of the opposing force. The enemy made minimal efforts to interfere with civilian and any non-capsuleer traffic, allowing the majority of emergency evacuations to secure facilities within and without Origin to continue unhindered.

Attempts to regain control of the Origin system from the opposing force around 02:00 hours NEST on April 14th. This was around 12 hours ahead of the expected attack on Indigo City, the Fortizar structure in orbit above Renaissance that housed the vast majority of Renaissance’s non-planetside population. By the time of the operation to regain control all VaskTech employees and clients had been safely evacuated from the station and relocated to emergency facilities either on Renaissance itself, or through wormholes into high security space.

By the time Indigo City was destroyed that evening at 23:00 hours all evacuations of VaskTech personnel had been completed save for those who may have perished in the opening hours of the conflict.

For the following 15 days from April 15th, the Opposing force continued to raze and destroy any structures within system. After those fifteen days hole control was regained as the enemy force exfiltrated from the system and Voluntary evacuation of personnel began.

05-01-YC121 Update

In the following three months 85% of all VaskTech facilities and personnel were relocated into High Security and Low Security space. With only the testing and storage facilities on renaissance belonging to VaskMed remaining active in the year since.

The facilities on Crucifex and Eidolon have been abandoned and recycled for materials for construction and repair of other more vital facilities. Of particular note for this report is the primary VaskMed research facility (Facility 8R-2B) has doubled in size and is the leading R&D facility for all subsidiaries of VaskTech as of the revising of this report. Below will be a break down of all executive staff and personnel counts belonging to VaskTech who were accounted for at the time of this report’s initial release.

Casualties Report - Written 5-8-YC120

VaskTech - The Primary Corporate Entity of VaskTech has initiated a full freeze of all accounts and activities. As well the corporation has begun the process of transitioning all licenses and blueprints to secure servers in the offices at Yashunen III - Genolutions Station

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Ninavask Revan (Evacuated to Hi-Sec)

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mr. Renauld Gaumesson (MIA - Possibly Deceased) *

Chief Security Officer (CSO) Ms. Heiko Inaro (Evacuated to Renaissance Facility 8R-2B)

Civilian Personnel - 175,382

Security Personnel - 7,500

Total MIA/KIA - 5,420 **


VaskMed - Most, if not quite all at the time of this report, orbital assets have been destroyed. All medical facilities have followed emergency data recovery and personnel evacuation measures by the time of their destruction. Most VaskMed personnel relocated to Renaissance facilities 8R-2B, HS-37, and A9-VT. All remaining either evacuated with Indigo City residents to high security space, or were reported missing in the confusion.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) PhD. Martin Lindell (Evacuated)

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Renae Sanbeche (Evacuated)

VaskR&D - Several VaskTech research facilities were located within the Azbel and since have been lost. All equipment and personnel were evacuated in a timely manner prior to the destruction of the station. All personnel were evacuated to facilities located on Renaissance.

Chief of Research and Development Officer (CRDO) PhD Tomura Vel (Evacuated)

Chief Science Officer (CSO) PhD Keito Inamura (Evacuated)

VaskEngineering - Personnel Evacuated. Facilities on Crucifex and Eidolon abandoned.

VaskWeapons - Personnel Evacuated. Facilities on Crucifex and Eidolon Abandoned. Renaissance Facility filled to capacity.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mr. Ebram Wode (Evacuated)

The Synenose Accord - Unaffected. Primary source of out-system rebuilding funds and current temporary housing of VaskTech.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Okuma Hiken

" * "Confirmed Deceased by OSS personnel.

" ** " Corrected figure as of 6-19-YC120 is 7,867 MIA presumed KIA

Plan of Action - Written 5-8-YC120

Over the coming weeks and months evacuation attempts will be made to recover any and all VaskTech Personnel on the planet’s surface. At this point it is estimated that Renaissance can easily maintain populations of the levels assigned to it. Long range communications have already contacted personnel and short term survival goals have been enacted.

Reports of hostile orbital bombardments are either false, were completely ineffectual, or were short lived assaults on planetary defenses. No facilities are reporting any relevant damage or casualties due to space to ground munitions. Efforts are being made to build temporary structures for all personnel to comfortably be housed while awaiting evacuation.

Going forward the plan by VaskTech is to work with the Coordinatorship of Origin and the government of Renaissance to help care and tend to the evacuated until the code black situation is rescinded and official evacuations and public transportation can be begun in earnest.

Key Findings - Written 05-01-YC121

Following review of the events in the months following Indigo’s Fall, VaskTech has gone through the process of establishing newer and more up to date evacuation and emergency situation resolution measures. All employees at potentially at risk facilities must participate in weekly drills and monthly safety meetings discussing such situational emergencies.

As well the training of key personnel in crisis management roles has become a company standard. With Four hundred personnel in sixteen facilities now being certified for crisis management positions in the case of a catastrophe. New safeguards on company properties and important material have also been established to prevent material, equipment, or data to fall in the wrong hands.

This system has also come with a company wide security improvements across the board. Including better armed and equipped security forces to patrol all non-public facing facilities.

While the effects of Indigo’s Fall on VaskTech were quite severe, hopes are that in the future such damage can be mitigated against the company and it’s employees. Despite the severity of such encounters.

Final Thoughts - Written 05-13-YC121

Though Indigo’s Fall was a major setback for the VaskTech, and indeed for the Alexylva Paradox as a whole, it has encouraged growth in vital sectors of the company. The construction of high and low-security development and retail facilities, not to mention a more stable interstellar trade, has allowed mass reevaluation of VaskTech’s goals. VaskTech stocks reported nearly 300% market value growth in the last eight months alone since the catastrophe and open sale of firearms and biotechnology equipment in high-security space has created a stable growth to the company.

It is my hopes that this growth can be put to good use in the cluster as we moved forward. And that others can use the release of this document, however brief a summary it may be of the chaos that occurred over a year ago, to see how humanity can bounce back from the edge of collapse. The very act of being struck down is an opportunity for us to get back on our feet and rise even higher than we ever did before


Dr. Ninavask Revan

CEO of VaskTech

Colonist of Alexylva Paradox


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