Origin Affirms Position of Political Neutrality in Triglavian/EDENCOM Conflict

Hello New Eden,

Over the past few days, the cluster has been ravaged by the sudden and intense escalations in the Triglavian activities in New Eden, up to and including the outright capture of at least one star system. The actions of the Triglavians and their intents caused a flurry of intense disagreements within Origin as to how the system should respond. The Coordinator Network was heavily divided on the course of action that would best ensure the prosperity and safety of humanity. Nevertheless, in conjunction with the Digital Council, we have reached a consensus for the time being.

Since the invasions have begun, several pilots within the Alexylva Paradox have independently taken it upon themselves to support either EDENCOM or the Triglavian Collective in the ongoing conflict. This has produced some amount of speculation and badmouthing of the Alexylva Paradox and Origin on capsuleer networks, one going as far as to say that we would be declared enemies of humanity if we did not immediately eject any members of the Alexylva Paradox who have supported the Triglavians. It should be understood that the Alexylva Paradox will not respond to hyperbolic threats and blackmail attempts and no one will be expelled for their actions either in support of the Triglavian Collective or EDENCOM. As the Coordinator Network had not made a formal ruling, no reprimands will be given for actions taken up until this point.

However, we are also not fools, and cannot countenance support of the Triglavian invasions while their intentions are so unknown. Beyond that, it is not our battle. The Collective has shown no interest in the Anoikis Network and presently do not pose a threat to the security and safety of Origin or its population. As the protection of Origin is the central mandate of the Alexylva Paradox, siding with either faction in this conflict potentially creates enemies we cannot afford to have. To this end all members of the Alexylva Paradox have been ordered to cease any and all hostile actions towards both EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective.

Origin and the Alexylva Paradox affirm that we will formally be adopting a position of political neutrality and siding neither with EDENCOM nor the Triglavian Collective. Going forward pilots siding with either faction will face reprimands in accordance with the Alexylva Paradox Corporate Policy Agreement.

This decision does not however mean that we will remain idle in this conflict. The values and principles of the Alexylva Paradox and Origin are pro-freedom and anti-death, we represent the seed of a possible utopia within a very cold and dark universe. It is our task to nurture that seed and ensure that tomorrow is just a bit brighter than today. To this end, we will be using our position of political neutrality to act as rescue workers and safeguard the lives of the civilian populations of all the factions of New Eden from any threats they face. Everyone deserves a life free from oppression and fear. We have within us the tools to create abundance, to turn this universe into a garden for ourselves and our children, but we have a long road ahead of us to reach that distant shore.

In the face of potential unknown and hostile actions by the Triglavian Collective, the Origin Colonial Authority has leveraged the softclone scanning systems in use in Origin to create an emergency scanning pod. This pod can be deployed directly from orbit to planetary surfaces and operate without external power. It has forty scanners and can noninvasively scan eighty individuals in an hour. Scans are planned to be stored in Suroken but would ideally be mirrored onto the databases of allied organizations for redundancy. We are releasing the blueprints for this pod for free and making all the designs and documentation open source. It is our hope that through the mass deployment of these pods to invaded systems, the population would be backed up in the event of the Triglavians beginning a campaign of genocide against the baseline populations.

This process is however not without faults. For one, obviously, cloning is still a fairly contentious technology and there will be many who refuse to utilize it. This is something we cannot force. Religious and philosophical beliefs will prevent many from utilizing this technology. However for a heavily populated world we believe it is the best chance for saving as many lives as possible. Running a mass evacuation via ships through a hostile warzone is simply not feasible.

The second is the scale that will be required, and that’s where you come in, capsuleers of New Eden. To back up a population of 500 million within three days time using the clone scanning equipment we have would require nearly 90,000 pods. While Origin manufacturers can produce up to 3,000 units per day and have been directed to do so using emergency production acts, this is still far short of the number needed to back up even one planet. Whether you side with the Triglavians or EDENCOM, if you value the lives of the citizens of New Eden in any way, I implore you to join us in our mission. Download the Slingshot pod blueprints, print pods, and deploy them to populated areas inside the invasion zones.

Together, we may be able to save millions of lives and prevent tragedies of an apocalyptic scope from unfolding over the coming months. We beg that the Triglavians not take hostile actions toward the baseline populations within the systems they capture, but without communicating we have no way of knowing their plans or intentions. While we may hope for the best outcome, we must plan for the worst and act accordingly.

Zorya Triglev, if you are reading this, I beg and implore you to communicate with us. You have the opportunity to be New Eden’s liberator, or you could be another mass murderer. I beg you to choose the path of life and freedom over the path of oppression and death. The people of the Empires have been trapped beneath the jackboots of tyranny for many centuries. You could be their savior, you could be the one (the three?) to usher in a new golden age of freedom and prosperity, or you could set the whole cluster ablaze and become the executioner of trillions. I beg you to choose the side of life. Be the good guys.

That is all I ask of all of you. Capsuleers, Navy pilots, Triglavians…be the good guys.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Dr. Saede Riordan
Systems Coordinator, Alexylva Paradox


What exactly does “backing up” the population of a planet accomplishes if you cannot provide them with a cloned body afterwards? Who will support half a billion souls as they transition back to a clone and deal with the immense trauma of having possibly died (who knows?) and lost an unknown amount of memories?

This seems like a futile gesture to say “we tried” and wash your hand of any responsibility. Concrete action would be to destroy the invading “clades”.


Do not mind the the transhumanists. They wish to leave the trivialities of compassion behind anyway.

With apologies, Saede, you’re being a little naive. The Collective has its own ideas about stuff, but one thing they’re very consistent about is the weight they put on human life: none apparent.

My best explanation of Triglavian attitudes to date is that it’s like if the Caldari came of age in a black hole field instead of on a muddy snowball. They have the same sense of “our collective survival” as the basic purpose and goal of their lives, but the Triglavians take it further, to the point of apparently turning many disagreements into a survival challenge-- a “proving,” a test of mettle, a trial by combat.

If you visit them in the Abyss, that is how they’ll greet you: by attacking on sight (albeit under conditions that make it a kind of contest).

If they value people at all, it seems to be strictly on the “macro” scale. It remains to be seen what conditions in their conquered systems are going to be like, but we don’t have any reason to think they share Origin’s ideals or even that they’d regard yours as anything but “perverse ideologies.”

Rescue work’s a good thing to do, though. If you happen to find any live Triglavian crew probably everybody would be enormously interested. To date, as far as we know, nobody’s seen a live Triglavian (or even recovered a body we could actually examine).


What exactly does “backing up” the population of a planet accomplishes if you cannot provide them with a cloned body afterwards? Who will support half a billion souls as they transition back to a clone and deal with the immense trauma of having possibly died (who knows?) and lost an unknown amount of memories?

Until they are re-lifed? Very little can truly said to have been accomplished. However, by performing the backups, re-lifing them becomes a possibility. Doing so would require an enormous investment of resources, this is certainly true, but even without the cost of re-lifing, the question of who will support a large population of refugees has always been a problem. That does not make the attempt worthless. Even if it takes many years to process through and re-life all the scans, this is better than letting them all die and stay dead.


Per corporate instructions issued by Coordinator Riordan, I hereby confirm that as of 07:08 New Eden Standard Time, my participation in all pro-Triglavian and anti-EDENCOM operations has ceased.

I will however remain within the Raravoss system, where my operating parameters have altered to focus solely on monitoring operations, alongside the fabrication and deployment of Slingshot-type scanning devices.

As I have previously stated, I do not regret my previous anti-EDENCOM actions.
It is imperative that the multiple known Liminality stages are completely investigated, and sacrifices are necessary in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

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You disgust me Borkstar. It’s easy to say sacrifices have to be made when it’s other people making those sacrifices. You haven’t changed one bit from your previous… incarnation…


Being the ‘good guys’ involves shooting the Triglavians. Cloning endangered people isn’t good enough.

Neutrality is death.


This is what you say after asserting you are no fools? Whatever choice Zorya Triglav and her fellows had, they made it long before now. They did not initiate a large-scale invasion of an inhabited star cluster without a plan for what to do with the conquered territory and seized resources–people included. They have, as has been pointed out repeatedly, been observed capturing human beings, which is not congruent with the actions of a liberator. Further, as Aria noted above, their doctrine is not one that appears to place any value upon human life.

Your…humanitarian efforts are not without merit–though I have many questions about this technoligy itself–but your corporation’s position of neutrality is deplorable. That they are fighting “the jackboot of tyranny” as you see it does not make them liberators. The Triglavians’ boot is poised above you, however much you may close your eyes and wish it is not so.

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From what I’ve seen of Zorya so far, she’s been fairly liberating for most. In a “Yeah, cool, you guys do whatever. If you do what we do and help us it’s cool, we’re gonna not shoot you. And pay you. If you screw with us we’re gonna shoot you. You know, whatev.”


Dr. Riordan, regarding the biomass requirements of reviving large populations, I, on behalf of the UNF, would like to volunteer our resources to meeting those requirements as needed.

I would also like to go ahead and say that many production facilities currently operated by the UNF will be incorporating the opensourced scanner blueprints into common production lines, after a brief testing period. it may take some time for us to get a proper estimate on output capacity, but I am optimistic regarding such.

as for @Aria_Jenneth , some time ago UNF operations were able to retrieve live triglavians back in October YC121,, and held them for observation for some months, full reports of what was learned remain pending but some of the early transcripts had been leaked onto galnet, so the ‘lack of triglavian recories’ is incorrect.

Assuming accuracy, ma’am, I’m pretty sure virtually everybody eagerly awaits those full reports.



Hell, I’d settle for some preliminary video footage.

I am not sure, however, that the word ‘enough’ has a right place here.
Cloning people also means killing them - if the cloning is done according to CONCORD regulations where only one instance of so-called “infomorph” is allowed.

Thus, cloning people Sansha-style (without killing them) means violation of CONCORD rules.
Cloning people with killing them to maintain one instance en mass could mean genocide.

Whatever they do, it’s just bad.

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It perfectly possible to avoid creating multiple active instances without using burning scanners, just as it is possible to create multiple active instances using burning scanners.

Thus, soft cloning is no violation of CONCORD rules. All the major navies make use of the technology these days.


While I admire and appreciate the idea that many could be scanned and later “soft cloned,” forgive me, but are all people able to be later soft cloned? This seems to contradict all we know about capsuleer technology in regards to cloning, seeing as some people are able to accept implant and cloning technology and others are not?

How will people cope with the cloning technology, dying and being brought back? Are you offering psychological treatment after the fact?


The cloning process tends to be the simple part, @Lasairiona_Raske , the issue with capsuleer technology tends to be the proprioception and mind lock issue of your entire body being reorientated as a multi-million ton starship through the capsule, then trying to revert back, and not in the cloning process itself.

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I am extremely dubious about claims that this tech could be used to save masses of people.

Mindscans and cloning are not exactly magic, requiring some kind of extensive research, and capsuleers are not exactly poor. If technology and money were the solution, boy would we have a lot less suffering in this cluster.

If it had been possible to scan anyone and everyone, do you think I’d have waited until my son was a capsuleer to get him out of harm’s way? Do you think I’d have let my aunt the clan Chief die in a Deathglow attack? Do you think we’d have left good people on Thebeka behind to meet fates worse than death in the hands of the Amarr, if suicide out would have been an option? Why exactly do you think they make you suicide and reclone after capsuleer training, these days, in addition to making sure you’re capsule compatible?

It’s not like it’s not been tried and suggested as a solution to a lot of problems over the years.

Not everyone clones well. Not even most people. Offering baseliners the false safety of a mindscan instead of offering them actual defense and aid is a cheap publicity trick, nothing more.


I seem to remember the failed experiments of a certain clan that tried to resurrect it’s lost numbers en-mass, including it’s long dead leader. The result did not end well for that clan, resulting in the massacre of it’s entire numbers by said insane induced cloned populace, resulting in their leader hunting down the religious wing of said clan to near extinction and forming an alliance with the Blood Raiders.

Suffice to say the controversy of the Blood Raven is one most of us would rather not repeat on the scale of an entire civilization.

I’d rather fight and loose.